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Best Volleyball Training Equipment + Tips For Practicing At Home

If you’re hoping to find the best equipment to help you hone your volleyball skills at home you’re in the right place!

Investing in the right training tools can make the difference between effective training, and developing bad habits. Read on to find the best volleyball training equipment, and tips to help ensure you’re practicing the right way at home.

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Practicing Volleyball – Best Equipment For Training At Home

We’re confident that investing in any of the training equipment we recommend below, will help your daughter fine-tune much needed ball handling skills.

A Quality Practice Net – Our #1 Recommendation For Best Volleyball Training Equipment At Home

There’s no better way to train your serve at home, than with a practice net! This one has a ball return feature, so you’ll spend your time building skills…. not chasing balls. This particular model is one I recommend with confidence. It’s sturdy, doesn’t require a lot of space, and the net is adjustable – so it will grow with your player. Having a net is critical for effective practice, or you can wind up developing bad habits (like serving too low).

This practice net is an effective way to practice serving and other volleyball skills at home, when you don’t have access to a full sized net.

The ball return feature shoots the ball back to the player, so you can maximize serving reps and build the muscles required for the game.

This particular volleyball training net is well worth the investment for younger players. Especially those who are still working on their overhand serve! This takes some time to set up, but it requires FAR less space than an actual net, and can allow you to practice effectively (even in the driveway). The net adjusts in height, so it’ll grow with your player!

An Oversized Rebounder For Volleyball – Best Volleyball Training Equipment To Practice Ball Handling Skills At Home (No Partner Needed!)

Girls can play ‘pepper’ at home, and they don’t even need a partner! This rebounder is large, and sturdy (two absolute must-haves for a rebounder to be effective for practicing volleyball). Your player will notice major ball handling improvement!

Keep in mind, girls should be mindful of how they utilize a rebounder to avoid bad habit. Practicing a serve, for example, may lead to the bad habit of serving the ball below net height. For serving, we definitely recommend the practice net above. However, having a rebounder to practice setting and passing will help players with ball handling skills, and footwork.

Not just any rebounder is appropriate for volleyball training at home. Size and sturdiness matter a great deal here, so this option was selected specifically for these qualities!

While this one, by Aceletiqs, is marketed as a lacrosse trainer, the sturdiness and oversized net area make it ideal for volleyball. Other rebounders are not as sturdy and tend to be much smaller. The 5′ x 7′ net makes for effective ‘peppering’ without a partner. You can also adjust the angle, to make the rebound appropriate for the specific skill being practiced!

The Final Piece Of Volleyball Training Gear You’ll Need Is A High Quality Regulation Volleyball

Even if your daughter is not yet playing with a ‘standard’ volleyball, practicing with one is the best way to build the strength needed to carry out the skills of the game. Invest in a quality ball, that’s indoor/outdoor friendly – like this one!

Tachikara is the gold standard in volleyball, and likely to be the ball your daughter will play with in the gym.

This is a great at-home ball that’s affordable, and will withstand outdoor practice. The composite leather makes it a bit more affordable, and this ball should be kept out of wet weather / sprinklers, and stored out of direct sun for the longest life.

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