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Best Volleyball Slides: Top 3 Off-Court Volleyball Slides For Girls

Volleyball style doesn’t end on the court. To protect expensive court shoes, girls routinely change into and out of their court shoes before and after practice. Looking for the best volleyball slides for this purpose? You’re in the right place!

We’re here to share the top styles for to-and-from practice. These are the best volleyball slides for coming and going from the volleyball court! We’ve found these to be the overwhelming favorites for players across the US (after observing teams from all over the country).

Looking for court shoes, instead of slides? Check out this article for the top volleyball court shoe styles for girls!

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There are 3 main “camps” when it comes to off-court shoes for volleyball girls.

We’ll call them the ‘Athletic Slides’ camp, the ‘Crocs’ camp, and the ‘Birks’ camp.

Wondering What Style Of Slides Volleyball Players Are Wearing To-And-From The Court?

We’re going to bet it’s one of these styles! These are by far the most frequently seen slides on the club volleyball scene. Girls are generally in one of three ‘camps’; the Crocs camp, the Birkenstocks camp, or the Athletic Slides camp. This preference will vary by budget, as well as a girls style (and sometimes by the part of the country she’s from). The most popular styles depend on the region, but these three styles are the most prevalent.

Why Do Volleyball Players Need Slides In Addition To Their Court Shoes?

When girls come and go from practice and tournaments, they protect their court shoes from wear and tear by removing them and storing them in a volleyball backpack. In their place, they’ll wear a pair of slides that are easy to slip on over their socks.

The following options are the best volleyball slides, and the most popular among today’s players! We review them in detail and give you the pros and cons. With the price of volleyball court shoes, we think that a quality pair of volleyball slides is well worth the investment.

Added bonus? Avoiding extra wear and tear on your court shoes by removing them before you leave the gym will not only lengthen their useful life… but it will also help to keep the soles grippy on the court!

Best Girls Volleyball Slides – Top 3 Styles In 2023

1. Most Popular Volleyball Slides – Our Top Choice

Crocs Classic Clog In White

Typically worn as a slide (with the heel strap flipped up), these are the most common and most practical option as volleyball slides.

Pros: lightweight and practical, easy to clean + won’t stink (no matter how smelly those volleyball feet get!

Cons: expensive, and not likely to be worn outside of an athletic environment.

2. Birkenstocks Womens Arizona Sandals – Runner Up Recommendation

Birkenstocks Arizona Sandal In Natural Leather Or Black

This classic style is a shoe that will stand the test of time, and seems to never go out of style. These slides will get you through years of volleyball practices!

Pros: quality, long lasting and comfortable, unlikely to take on any odor, and they are a style that you can wear with other things… so they’ll be useful as general sandals during the off season. Wait. Is there an off season for volleyball?

Cons: expensive. But we still think it’s worth the investment, as long as your daughter’s foot size has stabilized so she won’t outgrow them!

3. Nike Athletic Slides – Budget Pick

Nike Women’s Benassi Sandal

While not quite as popular as the options above, this style of athletic slide is also fairly commonly seen court side.

Pros: budget friendly, lightweight and practical, easy to clean + won’t take on smells.

Cons: not likely to be worn outside of an athletic environment, probably won’t last as long as other options.

When it comes to choosing the best off court shoes for volleyball players, the main priority is comfort. Protecting your court shoes is the goal, so you can’t really go wrong with any of the above options.

We hope the pros and cons of each option will help you select the slides that will be the best for your needs.

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