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Best Volleyball Arm Sleeves | Top 4 Arm Sleeves For Volleyball Players

Volleyball arm sleeves are a relatively new accessory on the volleyball scene. But they’re becoming increasingly common on the competitive courts, and we are here to help you select the best pair for your needs!

The demands of the volleyball court are tough on the arms… especially for those pass-heavy players (specifically liberos and DS positions). As you can imagine, not just any arm sleeve is up to the task! However, the following options were created for athletes, and will handle the wear and tear of the volleyball court. Made by brands you can trust, these options will help you purchase with confidence. And protect your elbows, too.

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Volleyball Sleeves – Our Top Picks: Read More Below!

Nike Unisex Pro Elite Sleeves – #1 Pick

Nike Pro Dri-Fit Sleeve 4.0 – Runner Up Pick

Mizuno Arm Sleeves – Alternate Pick

Nike Pro Youth Dri-Fit Sleeves – Best For Youth

Best Volleyball Arm Sleeves (For Competitive Players – Ages 14+)

Nike Pro Elite 2.0 Sleeve (Unisex) – #1 Pick!

The Nike Pro brand is no stranger to the volleyball court, and their Pro Elite sleeves are frequently seen on the competitive courts. These are MADE to withstand the demands of play, and are available in both white and black.

Most girls will do well with a size S/M, given the unisex sizing. But note: depending on the club, you may be required to purchase a particular color of sleeves, so double check before you purchase. The fit is reliable, and the moisture wicking material ensures comfort during play!

Mizuno Arm Sleeves – Runner-Up Pick

Machine washable, and moisture wicking! This pair by Mizuno offers a lighter weave, which work well for girls who sweat a lot or tend to overheat on the court. This style is an ideal volleyball arm sleeve. Made of a poly/nylon blend, they’ll keep players dry and offer a good compression fit without bunching up!

Available in a handful of colors, this style by Mizuno is a great option for competitive volleyball players. These may feel more breathable and lighter than the tighter/more athletic material feel of the Nike’s, but note that this weave will also come with quicker break down. Be warned that you should expect to develop holes and have to replace these on occasion, with heavy wear (similar to the lifespan of kneepads).

Nike Pro Dri-Fit Sleeve 4.0 – Alternative Pick

For players who want a sleeker look, this pair is a great balance of price and performance. The Pro Dri Fit 4.0 is an excellent volleyball sleeve, and the fit is tight and reliable. You can be sure this pair is up for diving and sliding, and they’re resistant to holes.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, basic white volleyball arm sleeve, this pair is a great choice. The logo will probably wear off before they wear out on you! The material is slide-friendly and comfortable.

Best Volleyball Arm Sleeves For Youth Players (Ages 10-13)

Nike Pro Dri Fit Youth Volleyball Arm Sleeves – Best Option For Young / Small Players

For all the same reasons we love the Nike styles above, this Youth version is top of our list! Available in black and white, these are a great option for competitive tween players.

It can be challenging to find a pair of volleyball sleeves for smaller sizes. This youth-specific sleeve by Nike is intended for active wear, and will be less likely to bunch up or fall down, even for the smallest sized arms. The quality is excellent, and you’re not likely to find a better option as far as fit goes for young players!

Considerations when choosing the best volleyball sleeves:

Arm sleeves will be put to the test when they’re introduced to the sliding and diving maneuvers of defensive players. Here are the most important things to look for if you’re going to shop for a pair other than the ones we’ve recommended above:

Intended Use

A number of styles are intended for solar protection. These are often cheaper, but will not likely offer the compression and durability that’s necessary to make them ideal on the volleyball court. You’ll want look for sleeves that are volleyball (or basketball) specific, and are constructed with the intended use in mind. Don’t opt for a ‘running sleeve’ or a ‘solar sleeve’, or we’re betting you’ll be disappointed.


A durable, athletic material is a must! Arm sleeves they should be breathable, and very sturdy in construction. Athletic brands that you recognize are a better bet than knock off, cheaper options that may not hold up as well to the demands of the typical backrow volleyball player.


Full length styles (like those above) are recommended. There are many gimmicky arm sleeves marketed for volleyball. Some have elbow pads, glove style entry, etc. However, it is not typical to see these styles on the competitive courts.

Why Wear Arm Sleeves For Volleyball?

While the trend is a newer one, you’ll find more and more defenders opting for sleeves on the court these days. It’s hard to say exactly why the trend is growing so rapidly, but it’s not uncommon to see players in sleeves, even at the elite levels of play.

The reasons players may opt for arm sleeves for volleyball are varied, but here are some of the reasons we think they’re gaining in popularity.

  • They’re can help keep muscles warm
  • Elbows and forearms are less likely to get floor burn from repeated diving
  • They can take away the sting of a hard-hit ball when digging
  • They offer a moisture wicking ability, for girls who tend to sweat / feel sticky
  • Sleeves offer a bit of extra slide when diving, which make help defenders reach the ball more easily during challenging plays

Is there a particular style or color that’s most popular for volleyball?

Generally speaking, sleeves are white or black, unless the club has required players to match a uniform. Unlike black leggings and spandex, the vast majority of players opt for white sleeves.

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