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How To Clean Volleyball Kneepads: 5 Steps To Actually Remove The Smell From Volleyball Kneepads

If you’re a volleyball parent, you know what it’s like to pick up your daughter after practice, only to have the car fill with that sickly scent that can only come from a foul pair of kneepads. It’s a one-of-a-kind stink… and it’s NASTY! Want to learn how to clean volleyball kneepads to remove that nauseating odor? Read on. It might be easier than you think, and it will extend the life of your daughter’s kneepads.

A stinky pair of volleyball kneepads does NOT necessarily mean they’re destined for the garbage can (however tempting it may be). You may not ever make them smell brand new again, but by following these steps, you can actually remove the majority of the stink from volleyball kneepads and extend their useful life. We’ll show you exactly how to clean volleyball kneepads, so you can get rid of the odor and save money!

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5 Steps To Remove The Smell From Volleyball Kneepads:

  1. Set The Washing Machine For Bulky/Large Setting, Hot Water Wash
  2. Load Washer With Small Amount Of Detergent + 1/2 Cup Of White Vinegar Or 1/4 Cup Of Dry Borax Powder
  3. When Removed From Washer, Turn Kneepads Inside Out
  4. Spray Interior Pad-Side Of Kneepads With Lysol
  5. Set Out To Dry In Direct Sunlight (Still Inside Out)

How To Clean Volleyball Kneepads

Step 1: Set The Washing Machine To Hot, On The Bulky/Large Setting

This is one load you’ll want to do on it’s own… meaning, don’t put anything in along with your kneepads. Setting the machine to the bulky/large load setting will ensure that the machine adds a bit extra water, so those pads are sure to get saturated during the wash cycle.

Step 2: Use A Small Amount Of Your Normal Detergent, But Also Add 1/2 Cup Of White Vinegar OR 1/4 Cup Of Dry Borax To Your Load

This is essential! The vinegar or borax is key to eliminating any bacteria that are living in those stinky pads. Both are great laundry aids for brightening your whites, so they’ll help with the stains on white kneepads as well.

Step 3: Remove Them From The Washer Immediately Upon Completion Of Cycle, And Flip The Kneepads Inside Out

This is one laundry load that you don’t want to forget about. Removing the kneepads quickly after the cycle completes, will ensure that they don’t become sour in the washer. If they are accidentally forgotten in the machine for too long, you’ll have to begin again with step 1.

Step 4: With The Kneepads Turned Inside-Out, Give A Thorough Spray Of Lysol Across The Fabric Covering The Pad

This interior fabric, which rests between the interior pad and the skin on the knee, is where the kneepads are holding the most heat and sweat. This extra dose of bacteria-killing effort will ensure that any “nasties” that remain in the material are killed on contact.

Note: freshly Lysol’d pads should not be loaded directly into the dryer, but should be allowed to thoroughly air dry to prevent any risk of combustion of flammable agents.

Step 5: Leaving The Pads Inside-Out, Prop Them Up In Direct Sunlight To Air Dry

There is something about letting these dry in direct sunlight that seems to make a big difference. The process doesn’t take very long, as the sunshine and outdoor breeze help speed things along. If you’ve left them out for a few hours and need to blast them in a high heat dryer to ensure they’re ready to be worn again, you can do so – but don’t skip the several-hour minimum exposure to direct sunlight!

Final tips for removing the smell from volleyball kneepads:

  • Don’t take shortcuts on these steps. Each step is critical for best results.
  • Don’t make the mistake of letting your athlete wear them again until they are completely dry. Moist conditions on those pads will only speed up the timeframe for the stink to return.
  • One last note: adding white vinegar to the wash load of stinky volleyball spandex shorts or jerseys will help to remove odor from that athletic material as well!

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