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Best Girls Volleyball Shoes: 6 Ideal Court Shoe Options For Girls

While a girl can get away with basic athletic shoes on the court for volleyball at the rec level… when the competition increases, so do the requirements for gear. Some VB facilities require court-only shoes, and if you’re considering club volleyball, then court shoes are an absolute must. However, finding the best volleyball shoes doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

To help you understand the options, we’ve rounded up the best indoor volleyball court shoes for girls – with price, quality and performance in mind.

You can’t go wrong with any of these court shoes, and we’ve categorized them by age and competition level to help you narrow down the best options. They are some of the most frequently trusted styles, by high school and club volleyball athletes alike. Check out our gear page for more great recommendations!

Our Top Picks: Read More About These Options Below

Top Considerations When Looking For The Best Volleyball Shoes

Qualities To Look For In Indoor Volleyball Court Shoes:

If you’re shopping for a volleyball shoe for the first time, you might wonder whether a volleyball specific shoe is really necessary. Here are some reasons to consider the importance of a shoe that’s designed for the sport – to ensure adequate performance on the court, as well as the stability to help prevent common injuries.

Traction / Grippy Soles

Court shoes need good traction on the court, so the soles will feel ‘stickier’ than regular athletic shoes.


The action required in volleyball requires a sturdy shoe. Stability is key for injury prevention, to ensure that the ankles and feet are protected during quick side to side maneuvers.


The repetitive jumping in volleyball requires a lot of a pair of court shoes. Volleyball specific shoes will have adequate cushion to protect the feet and ankles when they land.


Volleyball specific shoes will have reinforced areas to help them hold up to the wear and tear of the game. One of these areas is the toe area (to protect from a dragging toe while serving, for example).

Best Volleyball Shoes – Court Shoes For The Youngest Players

Adidas Kids Ligra 6 Volleyball Court Shoe

For the youngest players (or older girls with a small shoe size), this volleyball specific court shoe by Adidas is an incredibly sturdy and affordable entry level option for beginning players.

Other brands simply may not stand up to the demands of the court. These carry the quality you’d expect from the Adidas brand, with all the specifications you’d hope for in a volleyball specific shoe. The best part? They’re affordable, so you can spring for this entry level pair without blowing the budget.

Best Volleyball Shoes For Older Girls (Womens’ Sizing – Indoor Court Shoe Styles)

Asics Womens Gel Rocket Indoor Court Shoes

For reliable fit and comfort, with the specs you need in a volleyball shoe, this pair by Asics is a great entry level volleyball shoe.

It’s not a volleyball specific shoe, but it IS an indoor court shoe, so it will do the job, and the price is right. There are appropriate for girls who are ready to upgrade to a true court shoe, or girls (up to middle school age) who are exploring the sport at a rec level. Available in several color options, too!

Adidas Womens Novaflight Volleyball Shoes

This court shoe by Adidas is our top pick for mid-level volleyball athletes.

The cushioning is excellent, with added rear stability for the foot, and highly rated traction on the court. This is a sure win when you need to upgrade your volleyball shoes. This style offers adequate support, without being overly stiff. We also love that they’re made with recycled materials!

Mizuno Women’s Wave Dimension Volleyball Shoes

Mizuno has created a versatile volleyball shoe in this style. With extra breathable construction, and volleyball specific cushion and support, these will stand the test on the court.

This is a great mid-range option, appropriate for middle school to high school aged girls, and club play. These are also available in black and several other color options.

Adidas Crazyflight Mid Volleyball Shoe

Rated as favorite style by players, this is the pair my daughter has worn for 2 solid years of club play (and they’re still holding strong).

Superior in traction and comfort, this model by Adidas is an extremely common one you’ll find on the courts of club volleyball competitions, worn by athletes nationwide.

These are a great pair for competitive players, with maybe a slight lean toward back row/defensive positions, due to the superior grip and traction. This pair is lightweight and available in a number of color options.

Nike Women’s Zoom Hyperface 2 Volleyball Shoes

This pair may offer the best styling out there. Along with the modern look, you can rely on the stability and quality of Nike.

This high quality, volleyball specific construction will hold up to the demands of competitive play, and is worth the investment. Backrow players may prefer a slightly more structured construction for intense side-to-side motion, but the traction and comfort of the Hyperface 2 is ideal for the indoor court.

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