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Best Leggings For Volleyball Players|Top 4 Court Worthy Pairs

Just a handful of years ago, you would NEVER have seen leggings on the competitive volleyball court (unless they were worn by the coach). But now, even college and elite players are embracing this new trend. We’re here to help you find the best leggings for volleyball… but only the ones we’re sure are up for the job!

But not-just-any leggings will stand up to the wear and tear of the volleyball court. These athlete specific options are built for motion, and are made by brands that you can trust. So let’s dive in (pun intended!) and explore the best legging options for volleyball!

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Our Top Picks: More Details Below

Best Volleyball Leggings For Competitive Players (Girls Age 14+)

Nike Pro 365 Women’s Volleyball Leggings – Our #1 Pick!

These leggings are ready to withstand the demands of the volleyball court! They have a thick waistband, and the 7/8 length is ideal.

Be warned: some Nike Pro model leggings have a drawstring waistband, which you definitely want to avoid for volleyball! But this particular style is seen on the competitive courts frequently, and sometimes worn by entire teams. The fit is reliable, and they hold up well in the wash, too!

Cons: The waistband of the Nike Pro style is made of a different material, and will develop pills over time / after washing. If this is annoying to you, you may be happier with one of the other options (Mizuno or Nike) below. But we otherwise love the performance of this pair.

Mizuno Women’s Volleyball Leggings – Runner Up Pick!

Mizuno is a trusted brand in volleyball, so you can be sure this pair is up for the demands of the court!

If you’re not afraid to splurge on a pair of quality volleyball leggings, then this pair by Mizuno is for you. They’re especially designed for volleyball, so they’ll perform over the long haul, and they are our top choice for the court for this reason. These are an especially good option for taller players, based on the longer fit.

Cons: these might be too long for shorter players. The Nike Pro 7/8 length option above is less likely to bunch up at the ankle!

Nike Women’s Athletic Leggings

These Nike Women’s Leggings are a close runner up to the Nike Pros and Mizunos above. They feature a thicker/integrated waistband, which can make them less likely to feel too restrictive or ride up for some players.

If the Nike Pro waistband is too tight, or if they ride up, this style is a great alternative for volleyball! These have a comfortable, thick waistband (and no restrictive draw string closure). They’re made of a polyester / spandex blend, so they’re stretchy and breathable, too.

Under Armour Motion Women’s Leggings For Volleyball – Budget Pick!

This is the same pair that we recommend for youth sizes, but in Women’s sizing for older (high school + college) players.

The Motion Women’s leggings by Under Armour have a thick waistband, that’s sure to stay in place (but won’t ride up), making them perfect for the demanding action of the volleyball court.

Made with polyester and elastane, they are soft but strong. 4-way stretch technology makes them about the best combination of comfort and durability on the court as you can find.

Cons: the UnderArmour brand is less common to see in the sport of volleyball. But if you’re looking for a budget option that with withstand the demands of the court, these are a good option.

Best Volleyball Leggings For Youth Players (Girls Age 7-12)

It’s worth noting that you won’t see a lot of younger players in leggings. If you’re just getting started with volleyball, spandex are definitely the way to go. That said, if you have a girl who’s playing a lot or starting club at a young age – they might express interest in leggings, as some of the older / competitive girls are taking to this trend on the court. Our pick for the younger / youth sized players follows!

Under Armor Girls Motion Leggings – Best For Youth Sizes

The Under Armour Motion Leggings for girls are such a great option for girls youth volleyball players… that they are the only pair on our list for this age group!

Other brands simply may not stand up to the demands of the court. The fit is reliable, they are high-waiseted and not too long, and they’ll be comfortable enough for all the action on the court. But yes, you still need knee pads!

Considerations when shopping for volleyball leggings:

Leggings will be put to the test when they’re introduced to the movement and diving required on the volleyball court. Here are the most important things to look for if you’re going to shop for a pair other than the ones we’ve recommended above:

Waist band

You’ll want a higher waisted style, to ensure that they don’t slip around. A thick waistband is best, though you don’t want anything uncomfortable or restrictive like a drawstring closure, for example.


An athletic material is a must – they should be breathable, and very sturdy in construction. Athletic brands will fare the best, and we particularly like the 4-way stretch technology of the Under Armour pairs recommended above.


Full length is recommended. It is not typical to see cropped styles in volleyball.

Why Wear Leggings For Volleyball?

While the trend is a newer one, you’ll find more and more girls and women opting for leggings on the court these days. It’s hard to say exactly why the trend is growing so rapidly, but it’s not uncommon to see players in leggings, even at the elite levels of play.

The reasons players may opt for leggings are varied, but here are some of the reasons we think they’re gaining in popularity.

  • They’re warmer than a tiny pair of spandex shorts
  • They allow girls and women to cover more skin, which may result in greater confidence on the court
  • They don’t ride up, like some spandex shorts will (so you won’t be tugging at them on the court)
  • They give a bit of extra protection when diving (though trust us, you still need those kneepads)

Is there a particular style or color that’s most popular for volleyball?

Generally speaking, these take the place of the more commonly seen spandex volleyball shorts, so the color must correspond to that of the team’s shorts. For the most part, we see these in black.

In terms of style, without exception, we have seen players opt for full length leggings. Cropped leggings are not typically seen on the volleyball court. If you’re in doubt, it’s best to go with ankle length, in black.

Do I still need knee pads if I wear leggings in volleyball?

YES. No legging (even high quality, athletic ones) will withstand diving on a sport court without tearing. Unless you want holes and sores on your knees, those knee pads are still a must. They fit right over a fitted pair of athletic leggings.

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